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Our students receive their diplomas from their home schools who must follow the Ohio Department of Education graduation requirements. Maplewood counselors work closely with each of our 10 home schools to ensure that all students are taking courses that, with their successful passage, may earn them an Ohio diploma. In addition to earning their diploma from their home school, our students may also earn a Career Passport and/or industry credentials. Attached is a copy of the Ohio Department of Education graduation requirements. Individual home school district graduation requirements may vary ~~ please check with your Maplewood or home school counselor for details.

End of Course Exams

ALL students are encouraged to study for their End of Course (EOC) Exams outside of school as well as practice the skills they learn in their classrooms to help them perform at their best on the EOCs. The Ohio Department of Education has a website with practice tests for all seven EOC exams. Please encourage your son/daughter to utilize this website regularly to increase their scores. Our ten home schools determine who needs to retake the exams and administer most of the EOCs (some at the home schools, others at Maplewood). The Maplewood counselors work closely with the home school counselors to coordinate exam schedules.

Follow this link to the Ohio Department of Education practice site:

Khan Academy: Free tutoring resources at

Some of our home schools have provided additional practice sites for their students. Please contact your home school counselor or your Maplewood counselor.

Cap & Gown and Graduation Items

Jostens will be at Maplewood Tuesday, November 6th during all lunch periods to take orders for the following schools:

Field                                                     Garfield

Mogadore                                            Rootstown

Southeast                                            Streetsboro

Waterloo                                              Windham

Or you can place your order online at:        


Herff Jones will be at Maplewood Friday, December 7th to pass out graduation information packets for:

Crestwood                                            Ravenna

The representative will be at Maplewood December 14th and December 21st to take orders. 

Listen to the morning announcements and check the cafeteria bulletin board for more details! 


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