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Language Programs


The registration and payment deadline, for all courses, is 10 days prior to the start of the course.

American Sign Language (ASL)

This course introduces the student to American Sign Language (ASL) and to the deaf culture in America. Focus is on building sign language vocabulary, fingerspelling, grammar and facial expressions, use of personal space, mime, and the development of sensitivity to and awareness of the deaf community.

Fee: $125 20 hours     (10 weeks)    5:30-7:30 Pm

#3526-01      T     September 25, 2018
#3526-02      T     April 23, 2019


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American Sign Language 2 (ASL2)

This course continues where American Sign Language 1 ( ASL 1) finished. ASL 1 text required

Fee: $125 20 hours     (10 weeks)    5:30-7:30 Pm     

#3530-01      T     January 29, 2019


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