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Human Trafficking Today- In Plain Sight

Does slavery still exist in today's modern World? Sadly: Yes. Didn't the 1865 Emancipation Proclamation end slavery in the U.S.? It was supposed to.

Second only to drug sales, human trafficking is the largest and fastest growing organizational crime activity in the world resulting in a $150 billion dollar industry. Forced factory and agricultural labor, the sex trade, debt bondage, domestic help, children soilders, and the selling of human organs comprise the many facets of this contemptible trade.

There are twenty-seven million slaves in the world today secretly held captive and forced into manual labor and the sex trade. In this course we will explore the world slavery problem (including in the United States). 

This course is designed to help you understand the political and economic reasons slavery is so prolific in the modern world and what the current initiatives are; especially in Ohio, in trying to combat this horrible plight. The course will also help one to know how to recognize slavery in your neighborhood, how you are unknowingly contributing to it and how to protect yourself and your family from becoming a victim will be covered in detail.

Fee: $600 48 Hrs     (6 Weeks)     6-9 Pm

#7051-01     M/W      September 24, 2018
#7051-02     M/W      February 25, 2019


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Electronic Crime in Today's Society and How It Effects the Private and Public Sectors

Electronic Crime occurs every minute of every day, from identity theft to stealing corporate secrets, from political espionage to illegally transferring funds from banks, and from trapping consumers in bogus product schemes to stealing others tax refunds every April 15th. Did you know the average age of a hacker is fourteen? Did you know that eighty percent of corporate-electronic theft is committed by employees?

This course will address some simple physics, not so you can become a hacker, but so you will understand how easy it is to intercept bluetooth and wi-fi signals. Do you realize how vulnerable your cell phone conversations, emails and texting are to criminal interception? Do you know that one of the most prolific electronic crimes is transferring funds from private bank accounts?

Company policy manuals on hiring practices, operating procedures, code-of-conduct requirements, and whistle-blower policies will be addressed along with safe accounting practices to prevent company fraud.

This course is designed to help the students understand how electronic crime has been developed over the years; about the history of famous hackers along with the crimes and exploits they committed; and how the safety of our future electronic world will be dealt with.

Fee: $600 48 Hrs     (6 Weeks)      6-9 Pm

#7050-01     M/W      December 3, 2018
#7050-02     M/W      April 22, 2019

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