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The registration and payment deadline, for all courses, is 10 days prior to the start of the course.


 Ceramics Classes!


Create your own seasonal clay items, working form the slab technique. Students will become famliar with the slab and texture methos using clay. Working in clay the first session to create their item and then returning the second session to glaze their item.



Fee: $60 6 hours (2 weeks)   Tuesday   6-9 Pm

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#7060-01 October 16, 2018- Create you rown clay leaf wreath using a variety of leaf sizes and leaves. Once leaves are glazed and fired a second time students will attach them to a grape vine wreath adding ribbon. Wreaths and ribbon are included when you pick your glazed leaves up at studio clay.


                   Leaf Wreath
                                        Clay Leaf Wreath 


#7060-02 November 6, 2018: Create a clay Christmas(holiday) platter. Students will start with a slab of clay add texture to it, cut it into a particular shape and lay it into a form. Several examples available.


                                    Holiday Platter 


#7060-03 January 15, 2019: Create a multi heart shape shallow bowl showing texture on the hearts.


                                       Multi-Heart Shape Bowl

Digital Photography


This course is designed to jumpstart point & shoot in taking excellent outdoor photography. Students learn how to utilize every feature of their camera so they can make technical adjustments quickly to capture the perfect photograph.


Fee: $120 12 hours   (6 weeks)   6-8 Pm

#7044-01      W     October 10, 2018
#7044-02      W     May 8, 2019


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#7060-04 February 12, 2019: Create an Easter platter using an Easter egg shape. Students will etch into egg shape decorations.



                                   Easter Platter 


#7060-05 March 12, 2019: Create your own flower pocket. Students can use use any form of texture to add to their slab pieces that will be put together creating a pocket for a plant. Great for front doors.



                                      Flower Pocket

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