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Trades and Industry



The registration and payment deadline, for all courses, is 10 days prior to the start of the course.


Auto Body Repair-Welding Small Engine Repair

Auto Body Repair-Welding

Learn and practice the skills needed to paint a car or restore older vehicles and motorcycles. Skills include: Repair techniques of newer and older vehicles, the care and operation of a spray gun, masking and panel preparation, undercoat application, and topcoat application (basecoat and clear coat). Operate a MIG and gas welder, Weld small patches, Repair holes in plastic bumpers. This course may also be customizable.


Fee: $400 42 hours     (7 weeks)    6-9 Pm

#5031-01      T/Th     September 25, 2018
     T/Th     February 5, 2019


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Small Engine Repair

This class covers small two- and four-cycle engines. Learn how they work, basic troubleshooting, repair and adjustments, and proper equipment care and maintenance. Bring your small hand tools and engine(s) to each class.


Fee: $150 12 hours     (2 weeks)    6-9 Pm

#5078-01      T/Th     October 9, 2018
#5078-02      T/Th     February 5, 2019
#5078-03      T/Th     April 9, 2019


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Computer Aided Design (CAD)

An introduction to AutoCAD. Class covers program customizing, layers, 2D shape creation and editing, as well as introductions to drawing automation and 3D shapes. Class size is limited.


Fee: $275 30 hours      (10 weeks)      6-9 Pm     

#5007-01      M     October 8, 2018 
#5007-02      M     March 18, 2019


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Do it Yourself (DIY)

Residential Electricity, Plumbing, Carpentry, & Basic home repair.
DIY Class Outline

Fee: $200 24 hours      (4 weeks)     6-9 Pm

#5055-01      T/Th     October 2, 2018
#5055-02      T/Th     February 26, 2019
#5055-03      T/Th     April 16, 2019


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Masonry Welding


Designed for the beginner. Classroom instruction will be accompanied by material preparation, tool function and use, and hands-on brick and block laying. Basic methods will include using a level, line, brick cutting and repair, and layout techniques on existing masonry.


Fee: $175 15 hours      (5 weeks)     6-9 Pm

#5041-01     T      October 16, 2018
#5041-02     T      February 19, 2019


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48-Hour Welding

This course is designed for existing welders looking for additional certifications in unfamiliar processes or to obtain certification in their existing field.


Prerequsite: High School Diploma/GED, Drivers License or Photo ID, Workeys Assessment 

Welding Supply List


Fee: $500 48 hours     (9 Weeks)     6:30-9:30 Pm

#5020-01      T/Th     September 25, 2018
#5020-02      T/Th     December 4, 2018
#5020-03      T/Th     February 21, 2019
#5020-04      T/Th     April 25, 2019

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