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Drone Smartz


The Drone Smartz curriculum is a 15-Module project to learn about Drone technology, the legal issues cited by the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) & the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and safety issues. Safety is introduced as a reoccurring theme that guides all operations for this project.

The Drone Smartz program will be divided into two segments. The first seven Modules will involve (Head Knowledge) learning about drone technology, legal issues, government regulations and safety. Preparation of students to acquire the Part 107 certification for remote pilots is included in the head Knowledge segment. The second eight modules will focus on Hands-on experience providing the opportunity to implement what was learned in the head knowledge segment to the flying experience. Teams of participants will fly drones completing required activities to show competence with drone technology.

Drone Brochure


Fee: $900 36 hours     (12 weeks)       6-9 Pm

#7080-01      M/W     September 24, 2018
#7080-02      M/W     April 22, 2019



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