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Welcome to Maplewood Career Center

Maplewood Career Center is approximately 217,000 square foot vocational facility located on
approximately 100 acres. 
The Adult Workforce Development Programs at Maplewood Career Center
are statesupported 
post-secondary education programs. A certificate of completion is awarded to all
students satisfactorily 
completing any program. Programs allow students to upgrade their skills in their 
present job, or prepare for a new career. Students obtain both theoretical knowledge and practical experience
through “hands-on” 
experience in well-equipped laboratories. Over 60 percent of a student’s scheduled time is
shop or lab experience.


Our Mission

Maplewood Career Center provides individuals with educational experiences that aid in personal growth and
the development 
of career/technical skills leading to graduation, higher education, and/or employment.
The Adult Education program shall assist individuals and companies in the efforts to develop leadership,
build new skills, 
upgrade skills, keep abreast of technologies, and to develop competencies in areas of need
and workforce 
development and personal interest.




















































































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