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The Maplewood Career Center College and Career Readiness/Adult Basic and Literacy Education Program offers basic skills in math, reading, English/language, life skills, computer literacy, Medical Readiness, GED, and transitioning skills to enter post-secondary education/training/job skills all free-of-charge.

To begin classes you must sign up for a three-day orientation by calling (330) 235-0020. The three-day orientation introduces you to the College and Career Readiness/Adult Basic and Literacy Education (ABLE) Program. It also informs you with a brief assessment so that our advisors can determine what skills are needed to help you achieve your goals.   On day four, you actually enter the classroom and start your educational journey.

To accommodate your schedules the College and Career Readiness/(ABLE) Program has morning, afternoon, and evening classes. Learning centers are located throughout Portage County, include:

  • Catholic Charities/Ravenna  - afternoon classes
  • Maplewood Career Center/Ravenna - evening classes (on bus route - NEW!)
  • Goodwill/Ravenna – evening classes (on bus route)
  • Opportunity Resource Center on Cleveland Road/Ravenna - morning classes 
  • Streetsboro Community Center – morning classes
  • Windham Renaissance Family Center - morning/afternoon classes (on bus route - NEW!)
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) – morning, afternoon, and evening classes in Kent & Streetsboro

Distant Learning – for the student interested in working from home on their computer or tablet. The adult student keeps in contact with a qualified teacher via e-mail and works on-line for a minimum of two (2) hours per week. The student can also come into class on occasion with questions and can work one-on-one with an instructor.

Our Transitions Counselor guides the student along the transitional path into work or post-secondary education, training, or trade. The Transitions Counselor provides- information on how to research areas of interest, filling out applications, and providing tips for scholarships and more.

We have advanced English and math classes for those students that plan on transitioning into the college setting. At our Maplewood Career Center location we also have a Medical Readiness Course, which introduces an adult student to the medical field where they learn medical terminology, math skills that includes the metric system, computer skills, and soft skills.

The Work Ready Class is held monthly and is a three-week course that provides creation of a resume and cover letter.  The adult also walks away with three credentials in job readiness to add to their resume, practice with mock interview, learn about soft skills, and more.   This class allows an adult to walk into a job interview with confidence.  This class is held monthly at Maplewood Career Center on Monday and Wednesday from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Medical Readiness is a 10-week class, which preps an individual for the medical classroom.  Learn basic medical math, medical vocabulary, and soft skills.   This class is integrated with software that allows you to look at the field of interest.   You will also meet someone from the local hospital that will discuss potential positions in the medical field, how to pay for your education, and job shadowing potential.   Walk into the start of your medical classroom journey prepared.   This class is held on Tuesday and Thursday at Maplewood Career Center from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.  

Earn your GED for free!   If you score a 155+ on your GED pre-test in any segment, we pay for your test.   If you want additional details, please ask!

For information, please call:  (330) 235-0020 or e-mail gauntnerla@mwood.cc

Name Title Location Email
Traci Andrews ABLE Instructor Class Location:
Goodwill Site
Kara Bowman ABLE Instructor Class Locations:
Catholic Charities Site
Maplewood Career Center
Opportunity Resource Center
Bev Crites Transitions Counselor Class Location:
Maplewood Career Center, other sites on request
Barbara Elam Administrative Assistant Office Location:
Maplewood Career Center
Lori Cantor & Jennifer Case ESOL/ABLE Instructor Class Locations:
Brady Lake/Kent
Windham Renaissance Family Center 
Miriam Frydrak Secretary Maplewood Career Center frydrakmi@mwood.cc
Laure Gauntner ABLE Coordinator Office Location:
Maplewood Career Center

Sarah Jones


ESOL/ABLE Instructor


Class Location:
Maplewood Career Center, Streetsboro, PCJ                    


Christine Klein ABLE Instructor Class Location:
Maplewood Career Center
Scott Lenthe ABLE Instructor Class Location:
Brimfield/Kent, Maplewood Career Center
Thomas Osborne ABLE Instructor Class Locations:
Maplewood Career Center
Glenn Reigelman ABLE Instructor Class Location:
Maplewood Career Center
David Shea ESOL/ABLE Instructor Class Locations:
Maplewood Career Center
Opportunity Resource Center
Lynda Swan ABLE Instructor Class Location:
Streetsboro Muni Center & ORC
Allyson Westover ABLE Instructor Class Location:
Maplewood Career Center