Maplewood Students in Electricity Class Work Together to Install Neon Sign for Renaissance Family Center

Eight students from Maplewood Career Center’s electricity class recently worked together to install a neon sign for the Renaissance Family Center in Windham, Ohio. The sign will promote and raise awareness for the Center’s free health care clinic, which is organized by non-profit organization Faithful Servants Care Center.

Provided by Ellet Signs, the neon sign was delivered to Maplewood Career Center on March 30 and was installed by the students during the first week of April. The students in the electricity class who worked on the project include Marissa Barnett, Johnathan Burkey, Blake Frasher, Justin Gerry, Nash Krierehoff, Jacob Manion, Mitchell Reder, Isaac Russell, Joshua Snyderburn and Tyler Thomas.

As part of the installation, the students were responsible for providing electricity to the sign and adding security lights along the walkway near the sign’s vicinity.

“The sign is meant to promote Faithful Servants’ free clinic and to let people know that their health care services are available in the Renaissance Family Center,” said Joe Svonavec, electricity instructor. “The Center has been gracious enough to give Faithful Servants the space so they can provide even more services to the community in Windham.”

Svonavec, who volunteers at the Renaissance Family Center, came upon the opportunity to have his electricity class at Maplewood install the neon sign and quickly agreed to help.

“In general, it’s wonderful for the students to do a good deed like this,” said Svonavec. “The people at the Center and at the free clinic have such big hearts and are always willing to help the community in every way that they can. The students are learning firsthand that what’s really important in life is helping each other, even if a paycheck isn’t involved.”

Every year, Maplewood’s electricity class seeks opportunities to do community projects. In the past, the class has worked together with the masonry and carpentry classes to install a sign for the Windham Fire Department.

“By completing projects like this, the students are getting to use what they have learned at Maplewood,” said Svonavec. “For some of them, they are getting to pursue their real passions and apply their skills to real-life situations, creating something they can take pride in. It’s a great experience for everyone involved.”

The neon sign can be viewed outside of the Renaissance Family Center, located at 9005 Wil Verne Drive in Windham.

“It’s always exciting to see the students at Maplewood working together and completing a project that will be have a positive impact in the community for years to come,” said Superintendent Randall Griffith.

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