“Your Choice” Program Continues to Grow at Maplewood Career Center

Maplewood Career Center offers its students the opportunity to register for the “Your Choice” program, which is a voluntary drug testing program.

In its second year at Maplewood, the “Your Choice” program has increased from 128 participating students to 180 students. Students have four chances to register: at the beginning of junior or senior year, or at the beginning of the second semester of junior or senior year.

The goal of the program is to provide awareness, prevention education and resources that support youth, parents, schools and communities that are at risk for drug and alcohol abuse.  Businesses ultimately seek employees who want to come to work and will pass a drug test. By completing the “Your Choice” program, students receive a certificate stating that they lead a drug-free lifestyle.

“We believe this program will give our students an advantage when looking for a job,” said Superintendent Randall Griffith. “Additionally, it gives them a reason to say no to drugs— especially when there is peer pressure. This is an especially pertinent issue right now with the ongoing drug and heroin epidemic in Ohio.”

When students sign up for the program, they will initially undergo a drug screening and be subject to random drug tests throughout the year. There is no cost to the student, as Maplewood has made it a priority to fund the program.

“Reliance or involvement with drugs can have a devastating impact upon our youth and their families,” said Griffith. “We hope that students recognize the benefits to ‘Your Choice’ and help promote the program to their peers.”

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