Maplewood Career Center Offers Diverse Options for In-Demand Occupational Programming

Maplewood Career Center is proud to offer a diverse range of specialty programming in workforce development ranging from Trade and lifestyle, we strive to diversify our listings to fill the needs of the community.

The courses offered at the Maplewood Career Center were hand-selected due to the urgent need for skilled labor professionals in the workforce. The vast gap that has continued to increase in skilled labor trades is not only an issue faced locally, but also nationwide. Enrollment for the skilled trades at Maplewood Career Center have surpassed last year’s numbers.

Precision Machining, Industrial Maintenance, Module Industrial Maintenance, Medical Billing and Coding, Welding Technologies, Modulated Welding and Dental Assisting are among some of the in-demand occupational programming offered at Maplewood.

“The programs we offer at Maplewood are structured to equip students with the skills necessary to launch a career in a skilled trade,” said Michael Hinton, Maplewood workforce development director. “Whether its completing a certification, fulfilling a requirement or selecting a new career path later in life, Maplewood ensures we are giving our students the best value, skills and knowledge to become an employee needed by the workforce.”

Offering different enrollment dates and course durations for each program, students have the freedom to select a path that is most conducive to their lives and schedules.

“Our goal is to set our students up for success,” said Hinton. “We are always accepting registration. I strongly encourage anyone who has considered mastering a skilled trade to check out our website or drop by our office from 2-9 p.m. – Monday through Thursday – to visit our Workforce Development office.”

Although Maplewood does not directly offer Financial Aid for their programs, students may be eligible for assistance through the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), which provides federal funds to states for workforce development. To see if you qualify, contact The Department of Job & Family Services.

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