Maplewood Career Center Receives Special Recognition from Streetsboro City Schools

At the Maplewood Career Center Board of Education meeting on Dec. 21, Streetsboro City School District presented Maplewood with several plaques in recognition of Maplewood students’ contributions to the Streetsboro High School’s building projects.

The plaques were presented to Maplewood Superintendent Randall Griffith by Streetsboro City Schools’ Superintendent Michael Daulbaugh and Streetsboro Board of Education president Brian Violi.

One plaque recognized the work completed by Maplewood’s Graphic Communications students, which included a new logo sign that is now hanging in front of Streetsboro High School. In addition, this plaque recognized Maplewood’s Applied Engineering and Technology students, who completed computer-aided drawings for the metal sign’s material, as well as the Auto Collision Technology students, who painted the sign.

The second plaque presented to Superintendent Griffith was in recognition of Maplewood’s Carpentry and Electricity students, who built two concession stands and press boxes on the new Streetsboro High School campus.

“These awards were important to the Maplewood staff and students that worked diligently to display their skills and provide Streetsboro City Schools with quality designs and products that will serve their District for years to come,” said Superintendent Griffith. “Throughout our communities, Ohio and the country, the value of hard work and the contributions of individuals in the skilled trades must be valued and recognized.  Our country was built by skilled trades people who remain vital to our economy and the success of our nation.”

Maplewood Career Center offers students 21 program options in a variety of industries.

“I would like to thank Superintendent Daulbaugh, President Violi and the Streetsboro Board of Education for allowing Maplewood students to contribute to their high school building project,” said Superintendent Randall Griffith. “The Streetsboro City Schools’ leadership requesting that Maplewood assist with portions of their new campus and recognizing the contribution of students with trade skills sets an excellent example for others.”


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