Welding Students Earn AWS Certifications

The Welding program at Maplewood Career Center prepares students to earn three certifications offered by the American Welding Society. AWS certifications are accepted worldwide and set the standard for excellence.  Welding certifications are technically a hands-on welder qualification test that is graded off-site by a certified welding inspector. All certifications are filed with the State of Ohio through American Welding Society.

Welding Juniors

Welding Juniors who earned the SMAW 3G 1” Plate certification.
Left to Right: Lonzo Stanley, John Zieleniewski, Nathaniel Wiggins, Drew Piacella, Kayton Craft, Robert Spence, Austin Lougen, Logan Syllaba, Kirsta Singleton, Josh Collins, Connor Whipkey, Carter Barnes.


Welding Seniors

Welding Seniors with certifications.
Top Row: Dylan Tasker (3G GTAW 3/8” Plate), Jarret Baker (3G GTAW 3/8” Plate, 3G SMAW 1” Plate), Levi Easton (3G SMAW 1” Plate), Brandon Wallace (3G GTAW 3/8” Plate, 3G SMAW 1” Plate, 6G SMAW 6” SCHED 80 PIPE), Jeff Lovett II (3G SMAW 1” Plate), Jacob Dalton (3G SMAW 1” Plate), Conner Studer (3G SMAW 1” Plate, 6G SMAW 6” SCHED 80 PIPE), Carl Hahn (3G GTAW 3/8” Plate), Krystopher Siddens (3G SMAW 1” Plate), Steven Bartlett (3G SMAW 1” Plate).
Bottom Row: Aedyn Langstaff (3G GTAW 3/8” Plate), Karsyn Reider (6G SMAW SCHED 80 PIPE), Ryan Stevens (3G GTAW 3/8” Plate, 6G SMAW SCHED 80 PIPE), Anthony Hanna (3G SMAW 1” Plate), T’Kaushy Sims (3G SMAW 1” Plate, 3G GTAW 3/8” Plate), Michael Gooding (3G SMAW 1” Plate, 3G GTAW 3/8” Plate).

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