Congratulations to Maplewood Welding Students!

Congrats to our Maplewood Welding students who recently earned specialized welding certifications. Each certification opens up more opportunities, additional income, and different career options for the future.

1″ Plate 3G SMAW V-Groove with backing: Johnny Serva
Jacob Whitaker
Connor Gilbert
Billy Bryan
Gage McGuire
Greg Guthrie

3/8″ Plate 3G GTAW V-Groove Open Root
Josh Collins
Lonzo Stanley
Connor Whipkey


Welding Seniors Welding Juniors

In the News
Jun 07
Congratulations Shawn Krizo

Shawn Krizo is receiving the Responsibility Award for his employment at Lowe’s. Throughout his years in Option 4, Shawn has grown into a responsible worker. ...

Jun 05
Option 4 Supervisor Award Winner Ethan Brooks

Congratulations to Ethan Brooks for his employment with Wally's Landscaping in Streetsboro and for earning Crestwood High School diploma. Ethan continues to be ...

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