Auto Service Technology

The Auto Service Technology program teaches students how to troubleshoot complex automotive systems on today’s cars and trucks using the same advanced diagnostic and repair equipment as master technicians.


Learn About the Modern Automobile

The modern automobile is a complex piece of machinery requiring the very latest in test equipment and mechanical skills for proper maintenance. Maplewood’s Auto Service Technology program provides the skills to be successful in the ever-changing trade.

In lab, students work on trainers and automobiles, learning to troubleshoot and repair engines, fuel systems, transmissions, brakes, suspension systems, and much more. Students use the latest in computerized diagnostic test equipment to service automobiles.

The mechanical principles and theory of several automobile systems, including air conditioning, electrical circuits, and emissions control, will also be studied. Senior students may qualify for early placement and apprenticeship.


Mr. Michael Lovejoy



Ext. 551414

NOTE: This is a high-school program. If you are looking for adult education, click here.

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