Graphic Communications

Students in the Graphic Communications program learn how to express their artistic side through the creation of illustrations, drawings, logos and typography, while exploring the use of video, photography and print media.


Modern Printing Industry…

The modern printing industry is one of the more rapidly changing occupational fields due to the advancements made possible by new technology. Students will develop skills in desktop publishing, photographic reproduction and manipulation, plate-making, and offset print operation. The program has state-of-the-art computers and programs, plus printing presses and a full-featured copy camera.

Other activities include composition, layout, paste-up, and printing theory. A variety of skills will be mastered, enabling graduates to advance in the diversified graphic communications industry. Early placement and apprenticeship programs may be available for seniors.


Haley Hunter



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NOTE: This is a high-school program. If you are looking for adult education, click here.

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