Hospitality Service Careers

In the Hospitality Service Careers program, students build life skills needed for rewarding employment and independent living in an ever-expanding service industry.


Provide Hospitality Excellency

Hospitality Service Careers instruction centers around the skills needed to become employed in restaurants, hotels, resorts and banquet facilities. Students will learn basic skills in commercial housekeeping, laundry operations, customer service, food preparation and service, catering and event planning.

Related classroom instruction is based on the individual needs of the student. Academics and life skills are incorporated into the curriculum. Additionally, skills needed to seek and obtain employment, maintain interpersonal relations, and cope with everyday problems are taught.

The Hospitality Service Careers program provides a smaller instructor-to-student ratio with a concentration on employability skills and trade skills.


Mrs. Jody Russell



Ext. 551116

NOTE: This is a high-school program. If you are looking for adult education, click here.

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