Power Equipment Mechanics

The Power Equipment Mechanics program teaches students how to troubleshoot, repair and overhaul single and multi-cylinder engines, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, farm tractors, as well as heavy construction equipment.


Learn How to Service and Repair Heavy Equipment

Students enrolled in Power Equipment Mechanics will learn how to service and repair heavy equipment, trucks, and recreational vehicles.

They begin by concentrating on smaller equipment such as garden tractors, log splitters, and chain saws. As skills increase, students will progress to repairing larger multi-cylinder equipment and diesel engines.

Skills learned will include welding, field adjustments, and customer service. Seniors may be eligible for early placement and apprenticeship.

Graduates will find a growing job market in several related career fields, including sales, service, and diesel truck mechanics.


Mr. Dexter Dorris




Ext. 551205

NOTE: This is a high-school program. If you are looking for adult education, click here.

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