Senior Awards

Maplewood Career Center Senior Awards Ceremony 2020

Award Ceremony Details

PLACE:           Maplewood Career Center

DATE:             June 6, 2020

TIME:             Begins at 11:00 a.m. with students being scheduled in alphabetical groups every hour (11:00 a.m., 12.00 p.m., 1:00 p.m., etc.)  



Governor DeWine has limited how graduations can be conducted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  As a result, this year’s Senior Awards Ceremony will be conducted in accordance with guidelines provided by Ohio’s Governor. 


-     The Senior Awards Ceremony will be conducted in alphabetical order.

-     Maplewood will schedule students/families by the hour. 


  • The participating student and family members are to arrive in one vehicle.
  • We ask that the participating student ride in the front passenger seat to allow for a smooth transition of the individual process and the overall ceremony.  
  • Participating students and family members are encouraged to wear PPE during the ceremony.
  • Vehicles will be admitted to the premises via the BUS DRIVE.
  • Vehicles will line up to proceed around the building as directed by staff and/or security personnel.
  • As you are proceeding through the line, a staff member will stop your vehicle to obtain the name of the student in the vehicle. This is necessary because Maplewood staff will not know who is in each vehicle. 
  • The name of the student in the vehicle and vehicles description will be passed on to the personnel dispensing credentials.
  • When your vehicle reaches the building entrance closest to the flag pole and large Maplewood sign, you will stop the vehicle in front of the table holding the credentials.
  • The senior’s name will be called via a PA system.
  • The senior will exit the vehicle when their name is called.
  • The senior’s credentials and t-shirt will be placed on a pedestal. (Student fees must be paid, in full, to receive credentials.  Please pay outstanding fees in advance of the ceremony.) 
  • The senior will pick up the credentials WITHOUT TOUCHING the apparatus holding the credential.
  • The senior will check to ensure that they have the right credentials immediately. (We have not held a Senior Awards Ceremony like this previously and want to make sure every student has the proper paperwork.)
  • The student will proceed to a designated area, in front of the large Maplewood Career Center sign, to have their picture taken by a staff member. (Parents/family members will also be able to take pictures of the student from their vehicle at this time.  However, individuals, aside from the participating student, must remain in the vehicle.)
  • The pictures will be made available at a later date.
  • The student will return to their vehicle and the vehicle will depart from the main entrance driveway.
  • Parking on-site will be prohibited during the ceremony. Vehicles will proceed through the line from entrance to exit. 


-     Students and parents/family members are encouraged to decorate their vehicle.  Please ensure that decorations are school appropriate. 

-     Student attire may include traditional graduation attire or casual clothing as long as the attire is in accordance with the Maplewood dress code.

-     Maplewood staff will be in attendance, to the degree feasible, so that they can see students receive their credentials.  We anticipate that a large number of staff members will participate in support of the senior students!


  • Individual credentials are being prepared at this time.
  • The credentials will be alphabetized and placed in open bins for more than a week before the ceremony.
  • Staff members handling credentials immediately before and during the ceremony will be wearing face masks and gloves.
  • The “pedestal” on which credentials are placed will be cleaned and supervised throughout the ceremony. If a student touches the “pedestal,” a staff member will disinfect it immediately. 
  • Our goal is to hold a safe and memorable Senior Awards Ceremony. As a result, the following guidelines must be followed:
  • Hugs and handshakes will not be a part of the ceremony.
  • Social distancing standards will be utilized throughout the ceremony.
  • Students and parents/family members are to follow directions provided by staff members.
  • The speed limit on Maplewood Career Center property is 10 MPH. We will have staff and peace officers directing traffic where necessary and enforcing the speed limit.  Our goal is to ensure the safety of all participants.
  • Officers from the Ravenna Police Department will be present during the ceremony and providing assistance when necessary.


  • Students who want to participate in the ceremony must RSVP by May 27, 2020. To RSVP, students/parents will contact Ms. Brown (330-296-2892 Ext. 551024).  If Ms. Brown does not receive confirmation of a student’s attendance, their credentials will not be available at the ceremony. 
  • Students who do NOT want to participate in the ceremony can schedule a time, with Mr. Morgan, to pick up their credentials (330-296-2892 Ext. 551020).
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