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Be the first one to know all the things happening in and around Maplewood Career Center. Explore all the success stories of our current and alumni students who are thriving in the real world.

Begin. Believe. Become.

Maplewood Career Center provides individuals with educational experiences that aid in personal growth and the development of career/technical skills leading to graduation, higher education, and/or employment.

Upcoming Events

Maplewood Students in Electricity Class Work Together to Install Neon Sign for Renaissance Family Center

Eight students from Maplewood Career Center’s electricity class recently worked together to install a neon sign for the Renaissance Family Center in Windham, Ohio. The sign will promote and raise awareness for the Center’s free...

Masonry Student Competes for a Spot at the SkillsUSA National Championship

Ben Gibson, pictured here from April 7, is putting the final touches on a project to compete for a spot at the SkillsUSA National Championships in Louisville, Kentucky. Two competitors will be chosen for the...

Halloween Treat

Halloween Cookies were made and served by HSC Students at all 3 meals on Halloween Day.   The café team worn their home-made walking taco aprons to feature the menus popular entrée!