Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice program allows students to evaluate crime scenes and accidents while employing investigative techniques, such as fingerprinting, surveillance, forensics and more.

Career Opportunities

Upon Graduation

Corrections Officer Police Dispatcher Military Police Private Security Industrial Security Retail Loss Prevention

Further Education

Police Officer Training Academy Two Year Technical School Four Year College or University Ohio State Trooper Park Ranger/Park Police Police Officer/Deputy Sheriff Fingerprint Technician Federal Protection Officer Crime Scene Technician Probation Officer Parole Officer Attorney Social Worker Department Youth Services

Interested in Law Enforcement?

Criminal Justice offers students the opportunity to understand the law and the many facets of law enforcement. Students learn areas of police work and legal procedures such as fingerprinting, surveillance, search, and arrest. They also learn courtroom procedures, traffic control, and investigative techniques. After completion of this course, students are encouraged to further their education. Seniors may qualify for early placement, job shadowing, and/or internships.

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