Grading System

Student Grading System

Instructors at Maplewood Career Center Workforce Development and Adult Education use the following table to evaluate student achievement:

Grade – Performance Standard  Grading Scale

A (100 – 90%) – Outstanding Performance: Recommendations without reservation for nearly any employment situation.  Superior in all aspects of the program.  Unusual ability.  Exceptionally impressive.  Prediction of being in the upper ten percent of leaders within his/her trade.  Student will be recommended without reservation for employment.

B (89 – 80%) – Good Performance: Recommendation with some minor reservations.  Will need some supervisory assistance.  Impressive.  Prediction of being in the upper fifty % and below 10% of the leaders in his/her trade.  Student will be recommended for apprentice program.

C (79 – 70%) – Acceptable Performance: Recommendation with major reservations.  Possesses about as many strengths as weaknesses.  Will need supervisory assistance.  Presently, cannot predict excellent or good success.  Neither conspicuously impressive nor unimpressive.  Prediction of being above the lower 10% and below the upper 50% of the leaders in his/her trade.

D (69 – 60%) – Limitations in Performance: Recommended with hesitance.  Some major weaknesses. More weaknesses than strengths.  Definite weaknesses in planning and in securing good results.  Close supervision will be necessary. Not a complete failure.  Unimpressive. Prediction of being in the lower 10% of the leaders in his/her trade.

F (59 – 0%) – Not Recommended: Definitely unimpressive. Little, if any, responses to supervision.  Prediction of the job failure.  Individual should be guided into other training opportunities.

W – Withdrawal

I – Incomplete: Incomplete work must be completed within 2 weeks of receiving the mark.  All Incomplete work will become an “F” unless a medical report from the doctor is acquired within one month.

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