Get a jumpstart on your career at Maplewood, where you can do something you enjoy every day. From career programs like auto service technology and cosmetology to early childhood education and welding, the opportunities at Maplewood to earn valuable college credits while still in high school are endless.

Begin. Believe. Become.

In Maplewood’s career programs, high school students can…
• Learn from experienced instructors to acquire high-demand skills
• Save money – Our programs are tuition-free!
• Get involved in student organizations and national competitions
• Earn certifications, required licenses and college credits

Future Students
Jun 17
Holly Jewell 2022 Perseverance Award Winner

Each year, Angela Polichena-Boyle, the Option 4 Coordinator, recognizes the work of Option 4 students. Congratulations to Holly Jewell for her employment as ...

Jun 10
James Warner Receives the Responsibility Award

Each year, Angela Polichena-Boyle, the Option 4 Coordinator, recognizes the work of Option 4 students. James Warner is receiving the Responsibility Award thi...

Do something you love. Get a jumpstart on college today.

Maplewood Career Center is proud to offer high school students an alternative way to get ahead in their careers. Having the opportunity to earn critical business and industry certifications, required licenses and college credits through Maplewood’s tuition-free program is a great way to pave the way for success.

Your future starts here!

The value of enrolling in Maplewood Career Center’s high school program is never-ending. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for college after graduation, high school students can take advantage of a tuition-free education that starts right now. Get involved, save money and get ahead.


Maplewood provides individuals with educational experiences that aid in personal growth and the development of career/technical skills leading to graduation, higher education and/or employment.

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Success Story

After deciding that traditional high school classes weren’t for him, Cody Dodrill chose to change his path and pursue a trade. Starting off in Maplewood’s masonry program, he soon transferred to welding, which he said completely changed his life. With Mr. Palmer as his instructor, Cody was shown the path he needed to succeed. Almost 10 years later, Cody still returns to Maplewood to meet with Mr. Palmer, who became his mentor and helped Cody not only learn welding, but also valuable life lessons. What Cody was able to learn at Maplewood directly correlates with how he started his career in welding.

“I was lightyears ahead of other welders when I entered the workforce,” said Cody. “The company I worked for ended up paying for me to go to CWI (certified welding inspector) school because I was so much further advanced. When I took my CWI test, I felt like the things I learned at Maplewood put me further ahead in terms of welding knowledge.”

Now, Cody is a successful CWI and pipeline integrity technician for Capital Ultrasonics in Mobile, Alabama. He is now doing something he loves, while making a lucrative income.

“Maplewood really prepared me for my career,” said Cody. “They saw me not just as another student, but as an individual. The teachers all had my back and gave me the support that I needed.”


Cody Dodrill





What Our Students Are Saying

John S.

"I would definitely recommend Maplewood to someone, because you just get that extra edge coming out of High School."

Brandon G.

"Maplewood gives me hands-on experience. It shows me that I actually want to do this instead of just going into it blindly not knowing if I'm really going to like it or not."

Tabitha L.

"It adds something to your resume and something to add to your application that makes you more desirable to companies. You get your foot somewhere in the door, so you can just kick the door open."

Nathan W.

"I feel like this is me doing my future,"

Danielle T.

"Maplewood has helped me plan for my future. It's helping me get skills that I need for college; skills that I need to work in the field."

Rachel H.

"I choose to attend Maplewood, because I wanted to get a head start in my career"

Holly T.

"Maplewood was the right choice for me, because I got to meet new friends and be given new opportunities that would have never been given at my own home school."