Maplewood Career Center offers a wide range of programs for adults who want to become proficient in a specific area! From Childcare, Computer, Medical to Trade & Industry, students can get ready to enter the workforce with hands on learning and real world experience.


For those who want to learn child-related skills such as CPR or first-aid, our childcare offerings can help you jump start your career in licensed care programs or centers.


Mastering computer skills is a great way to stand out in today’s job market. From Excel, Word, Photoshop, to Quickbooks, our computer programs cover a wide range of topics that will help you excel.


For aspiring food managers, our ServSafe program is an extensive training program that meets Ohio Department of Health requirements. Get certified– and get cooking!  Adult Education also has various cooking classes - check it out!


New exercise class...Boomba!  Learn Yoga, pilates, build muscle, and more!  Ladies, come learn how to defend yourself against harm! Maplewood’s self-defense program will teach you realistic techniques and tactics to use in everyday life. For females only.   


In our American Sign Language (ASL) programs, we give you the tools to build your vocabulary, finger spelling, grammar, and facial expressions skills. Students will also develop a sensitivity and awareness of the deaf community.

Lifestyle & Entertainment

From basic dog grooming, basic drawing, furniture flip, watercolor painting and more, no matter your lifestyle interest, Maplewood’s programs can help you develop your passion.


Earn your High School Diploma through the State of Ohio while attending Maplewood Career Center’s Adult Diploma Program.  Learn a new skill and get your diploma at the same time.   Choose from one of the following classes:
  • Administrative Professional - 20 Weeks
  • Dental Assisting - 24 Weeks
  • Medical Coding&Billing - 17 Weeks
  • Medical Assisting - 16 Wks/externship
  • Module Welding - 9 Weeks
  • Precision Machining/CNC - 18 Weeks

To register, please call the Adult Education Department at (330) 296-2892, Ext. 551010.


Ever wanted to be a dentist’s second pair of hands during procedures? Or, perhaps you picture yourself as an administrative assistant in a doctor’s office? Our medical programs can prepare you for both scenarios and more!

Trade & Industry

For those interested in auto-body repair, precision machining welding technologies, industrial maintenance and more, our programs in Trade and Industry will help you develop the skills you need for a successful career.