SAP Guidelines

These attendance and GPA guidelines apply to all full-time students enrolled in Maplewood Career Center programs that last at least 60 hours. For more information, see the handbook sections on attendance and student grading system.

  1. Each student must maintain at least a C average (2.0 GPA)
  2. Each student must be credited with at least a 90% attendance rate, either through attending scheduled class hours or through Instructor-approved make-up of excused time outside of class.

A student who does not achieve a C, or a 2.0 Grade Point Average for one, two (2) week grading period the student will be placed on academic probation for the following two (2) week grading period. To regain Satisfactory Academic Progress status, students on probation must raise their year-to-date GPA to 2.0 by the end of the two (2) week probationary grading period, or will be withdrawn from the program without refund unless documentable extenuating circumstances.

For example, if a student receives has a 1.0 GPA when grades are checked the student will be placed on probation for two (2) weeks. To be removed from probationary status, the student must raise the GPA to 2.0 by the date two (2) weeks from the date probation commences, and placed on written notice.  If 2.0 GPA is not achieved, the student will be withdrawn.