Transfer of Credit

Transfer of Credit

Maplewood Career Center Workforce Development Programs cannot accept credits from other educational institutions. There is an exception for veterans receiving VA financing who have earned credits while in the military or other training or program work. These credits to be transferred will be evaluated by the Supervisor of the Workforce Development Program, or his appointee, based on the program in which the veteran is enrolled. The credits will be transferred, whole or in part,if they match the requirements of the program in which the veteran is enrolled with a pro-rated price. These credits to transfer must be presented to the Supervisor of Workforce Development fourteen (14) days prior to the start of the program. A determination of approval or denial of the transfer will be submitted to the VA in a written report, including explanation for the determination.

Transfer Between Programs

Maplewood Career Center does not allow students to transfer between programs.

Transfer of Students Between Institutions

While Maplewood Career Center welcomes students from other institutions, incoming students should understand that our institution provides unique programming, not transferable from other educational institutions. 

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