The Welding Technologies program is to prepare students to seek entry-level employment or advance in their career in welding and industrial repairs. Welding encompasses study in electrical, metallurgy, chemistry, physics, and design. Welders may work on various structures including but not limited to bridges, buildings, pressure vessels and heat exchangers. This would include welding items such as boilers, storage vessels, transmission and transportation vehicles for water, land, air travel, and production and processing machines of all types. The curriculum provides student with a foundation in welding technique, skills, welding mathematics, and career development. The successful graduate is trained to enter the welding profession as an entry-level welder.

Program Admission Requirements: High School Diploma/GED, Drivers License or Photo ID, WorkKeys Assessment / After registering, please request a supply list.   NOTE: If you are a business signing up an employee, please call the office to do so (330) 296-2892, Ext. 551011

NOTE:  If it is one week before the class is going to start, please call 330-296-2892, Ext. 551010 to sign up.   ASK ABOUT SCHOLARSHIPS FOR THIS PROGRAM!

Accredited by the Council on Occupational Education