This program was created for our students, and the communities around us. Our Award of Merit program is available to all Maplewood students and is a volunteer program.  It pairs students with local school, community, church and non-profit organizations to help students experience the rewarding feeling of giving back.

Students that give 50 total hours of volunteer time by the end of their senior year become a respected member of the Award of Merit program and are recognized at our Senior Awards Banquet with an Award of Merit certificate and medal. We are proud of the community that we serve, and even more proud of the good that our students do within our communities.  The Award of Merit program is our way of recognizing these students and their efforts.

Award of Merit Application

Maplewood students can enroll in the Award of Merit program at any time.  To get enrolled, contact Mrs. McLendon.
(330) 296.2892 Ext. 551100
Room 100 

Award of Merit